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Orlauf Momo

Orlauf Momo

Recommended retail price: 1250 €
The basic massage chair of the line with a variety of massages and flexible settings for each user.
Max. user weight
Autoprogramms q-ty
22 pc
Rollers q-ty
20 cm
Smart Slide

An affordable massage chair that surprises with the possibilities

Orlauf Momo Massage chair
Orlauf Todi the most affordable massage chair of our line. This is a model with an excellent combination of cost and capabilities: for a minimal price, the chair provides a high-quality full-body massage.

Momo has a large maximum user weight of 140 kg. Thanks to this, the chair is available to almost everyone. The sliding footrest makes the massage comfortable for tall people as well.

For the massage of the entire back, 22 rollers are installed, collected in 8 groups. The rollers are designed and positioned so that there are no "blind spots" in the back massage.

Elongated rollers are provided in the neck and shoulder area for a thorough massage of this tense area. Change the speed of impact and the direction of movement of the massage rollers, as well as adjust the massage of one or all areas of the back.

Air compression massage is provided by 20 massage pillows. A separate group of pillows is designed for a gentle massage of the head. Choose one of three modes of the intensity of the pillows for a comfortable impact.

Another advantage of Orlauf Momo is a large package of automatic programs. There are 6 programs installed in the chair for different purposes, among which everyone will find the right one. Thanks to the programs, massage in the chair will not get bored and will not get bored.

Momo Main Features

Momo Main Features

Additional pillows for the head

Momo has lymphatic drainage pillows for a gentle head massage. They gently press on the temples and the back of the head to relieve tension and adjust to sleep.

The headrest with pillows can be folded back so that the massage rollers more intensively kneaded the neck and shoulders.

Emphasis on buttocks and thighs massage

There are two additional air compression pillows in the hip area. And for the buttocks, a vibration massage is provided, which is activated by a separate button on the tablet.

Together, lymphatic drainage hip massage and vibrating buttock massage can effectively relieve tension and relax muscles. This is especially important for those who sit at work for a long time.

Adjustment of almost any angle of inclination of the chair

Zero-G zero-gravity mode is installed in the chair. This is the position in which the human body is most relaxed, therefore massage is the most effective.

Additionally, you can manually change the tilt of the chair. Thanks to its design, it is laid out horizontally, practically into a massage bed.

Tablet control

Tablet control Orlauf Momo
A Russified tablet is provided to control the chair. It is fixed on the armrest so that you do not have to hold it in your hands. All the icons on the display are large and intuitive, so the setup takes a minimum of time.

Usually, in massage chairs of the initial price segment, a remote control is used for control. It is more difficult to use them the icons are small, setting up modes takes more time and you have to hold the remote control in your hands or reach out to put it in your pocket.
Orlauf Momo

Momo Specification

Max. user weight
140 kg
80 Wt
Impact zones
Head, neck, shoulders, back, buttocks, calves, feet, arms
Massage types
Roller, air compression, vibrating
Number of programs
Number of rollers in back massage
22 (8 groups)
Number of rollers in foot massage
12 (4 groups)
Number of airbags
Built-in speakers
Bluetooth connection
Smart Slide
Infrared heating
Warm-up zones
Lower back
Auto-off timer
15/20/25/30 min
Upholstery material
Eco leather
Folded dimensions
110 cm
74 cm
114 cm
Unfolded dimensions
169 cm
74 cm
84 cm
Nett weigth
42 kg
Gross weight
48 kg
Shipping package dimensions
108 75 72 cm
2 years
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