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Orlauf Todi

Orlauf Todi

Recommended retail price: 1650 €
Massage chair for complete relaxation. In addition to a thorough massage of the back, buttocks and legs, there is a head and eyelid massage.
Max. user weight
Autoprogramms q-ty
32 pc
Rollers q-ty
Smart Slide

Fully immersed massage chair

Orlauf Todi is a fairly compact massage chair with great features and an attractive price. Its unique features include air compression massage of the head and eye and temple areas.

The chair is designed for users up to 150 kg with virtually no height restrictions.

For a thorough massage of the entire back, 8 groups of rollers are installed in the back of the chair. Separate groups of rollers are provided in the thigh area and in the foot massage section.

20 airbags are located on the shoulders, arms, thighs, calves and feet. They provide a full air compression massage that complements the roller massage perfectly. The intensity of the pillows can be adjusted.

The function of zero gravity is set. This is the position in which the human body is as relaxed as possible. So that even in the unfolded position, the chair does not take up much space, a space saving option is provided.

There are 3 automatic massage programs to choose from - relaxation, sleep and intensive massage. In manual mode, you can adjust the intensity of the air-compression massage, the speed of the rollers and select the heating zones.
Todi Main Features

Todi Main Features

Unique massage of the head and eye area

The chair has a unique head massage cushion that gently relaxes and relieves stress and fatigue. The headrest with cushion can be folded back when not required.

A massager for the eyelids and temples is also aimed at relaxing and removing excess tone. This zone uses the technology of the ancient Chinese Tuin massage, which has the most gentle effect.

Closed toe leg section

Almost all massage chairs have open-toed foot sections. That is, they do not massage the fingers and the area under them.

To ensure the best massage quality, we have made a closed section that massages the entire foot. Together with the heating of the calves, this effectively relieves the fatigue accumulated during the day.

Roller massage of the buttocks

Special rollers and air cushions are installed to massage the buttocks. Together they allow you to work out this area well, relieve stress and clamps.

Also, in the lumbar region, heating is provided, due to which the muscles relax more efficiently and the rollers can stretch them better.

Smart slide

The Todi model is quite compact, therefore it is suitable for small spaces. In addition, the chair has a space-saving function, thanks to which it can be placed just 15 cm from the wall. Before going into a horizontal position, the chair moves forward.

Tablet control

Usually, in massage chairs of the basic price segment, a remote control is installed for control. It is more difficult to use them - the icons are small, setting the modes takes more time and the remote control itself has to be held in hands or pulled to put it in a pocket.

The tablet is secured to the armrest, so you don't need to hold it in your hands. All the icons on it are large, the modes are Russified, and the setting takes a minimum of time.

Todi Specification

Max. user weight
150 kg
90 Wt
Impact zones
Head, neck, shoulders, back, buttocks, calves, feet, arms
Massage types
Roller, air compression
Number of programs
3 automatic (relaxation, sleep and intensive massage)
Number of rollers in back massage
32 (8 groups)
Number of rollers in foot massage
24 (4 groups)
Number of airbags
Body scan
Smart Slide
Infrared heating
Warm-up zones
Back, lower back, calves
Auto-off timer
Upholstery material
Eco leather
Folded dimensions
140 cm
76 cm
107 cm
Unfolded dimensions
160 cm
76 cm
83 cm
Nett weigth
55 kg
Gross weight
70 kg
Shipping package dimensions
115 х 79 х 107 cm
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