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On this page we talk about Orlauf. Learn the brand's history, philosophy and goals Orlauf, and also our approach to creating massage equipment.

Direction Wellness — these are body massagers and massage chairs with thoughtful features and modern technologies from Orlauf.

Philosophy Orlauf Wellness

Massage equipment Orlauf — this is mathematically precisely calculated peace and relaxation. We have calculated everything — the location and shape of the massage rollers, the amplitude of their movement and massage modes; intensity of work air bags and their number.

Massage equipment should bring health. Therefore, all massage functions and programs have been developed together with professional massage therapists. We were able to combine modern technologies and accumulated experience in our products.

A line of massagers is a way to give care to every part of the body. Massagers are designed with attention to details: airbags with acupuncture points — for hands, complex roller systems — for feet, anatomical carriage for massage capes.

The range of massage chairs is a balanced combination of price and features. In each price category, we we offer more than our competitors. In the chairs Orlauf you are guaranteed a massage without «blind spots» and with a special attention to tense parts of the body. To make the massage individual, each model provides flexible settings.

3 the main facts about each brand line
Massage chairs massagers
3 the main facts about each brand line
Massage without blind spots
Massage rollers and air-compression pillows are arranged so that there is no «blind spots». Due to this, the whole body relaxes during the massage, and you feel a complete renewal.
Simple operation
We have thought out the management so that you spend a minimum of time setting up the massage. All necessary the functions are placed on the tablet, and the control itself is intuitive.
Intelligent body scanning
In carriage chairs, the body is scanned by an intelligent system. It defines the contours of the body, the width of the shoulders and individual anatomical curves. Then the system sets the distance between the massage rollers and their strength impacts.
Individually for each part of the body
Attention to every detail is important to us. That's why we started manufacturing massagers for different parts of the body. We have selected the most appropriate technologies and settings to relieve tension and fatigue from muscles and joints.
Thoughtful universal massagers
The universal massager is a compact solution for relaxing the whole body. We have developed universal massagers so that they relax all tense zones equally effectively.
Certified quality
Massagers Orlauf They are certified in accordance with international and European standards. We guarantee the high quality and safety of our equipment!
Massage chairs massagers
How it developed direction Orlauf wellness
Brand Orlauf it started with a small production. But now everything has changed! Read our story.
2016 - 2023
Now we are proud to present two lines of our massage equipment — massage chairs and massagers for the body. We have rethought our experience, reviewed technologies and offered the most functional solutions. 
Since January 2021, work has begun on a new line of body massagers. We had several tasks ahead of us — reduce the price and optimize production as much as possible.
We moved production to Guangzhou, China, in order to reduce costs and reduce the cost of chairs. We have not rescheduled not only the equipment, but also the high quality standards adopted by us in Leipzig.
At the beginning of the year, the first small line of chairs was released, which sold out very quickly. It was the first the success of the new direction. Then we started developing massage capes.
We are thinking about expanding production and product lines. And we started testing the first massage chairs Orlauf Wellness. Based on the results, corrections and clarifications were made to the drawings.
Orlauf He started production with home cardio equipment. During this time, we have mastered the principles of production and we have learned how to reduce costs without loss of quality.
Massager Orlauf Prime
Orlauf Wellness with respect and love

Orlauf Wellness — these are lines of massage equipment created taking into account modern technologies and your needs. We combine knowledge and experience with cutting-edge developments to offer you effective solutions.

Team Orlauf always in touch! Ask questions and share your impressions. It's important for us to know what you're thinking and what you want.

With respect and love, the team Orlauf Wellness
(28 lovers in the cause of hearts).