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Orlauf Wellness - dive into full relaxation

We have shaped pleasure through engineering and experience. Find out all about us and our massage chairs first-hand.

Orlauf Wellness - dive into full relaxation.

We have shaped pleasure through engineering and experience. Find out all about us and our massage chairs first-hand.
7 models
is the new Orlauf Wellness line-up. We have limited the model range in order to clearly divide the offers by price and features.
280 modifications
the massage chairs of the new line have been rethought and improved to make the level of comfort even higher. We have modified the shape, design, location and capabilities of the rollers, as well as the main components of the structure. As a result, almost 300 changes were made for a new quality of massage.
12 months
standard international warranty period for Orlauf Wellness massage chairs. It is valid when purchased from an authorized dealer or when ordering from the brand's official website.
the price of the most affordable massage chair in the Orlauf line. The cost of the Nest model is 10% lower than that of models with the same functionality from other manufacturers (according to research by Berliner Labor).
28 hearts
so many people in the Orlauf Wellness team are working hard to improve the line up. And every heart is filled with dedication and respect for their work.
1 love
we are completely devoted to our work. We delve into all the details of the technological process, follow the market novelties and always look for the best solutions. Therefore, we know how to make the price affordable with the maximum of functions.
Orlauf massage chairs are mathematically calculated for peace and relaxation. You sit down in a chair, close your eyes and care and tenderness envelop you. At this time, massage rollers knead the muscles with a strictly specified force, and the pressure in the pillows is monitored every second. The computer controls all of the chair's functions so you don't have to think about anything.
We have clearly divided the lineup by features and cost. This is the first line for those who know exactly what they want and are not ready to overpay for unnecessary features.

Depending on the model, our chairs are designed for different tasks. Moreover, the approach to their solution is always the same. We develop new features, test them and select the most effective ones. Only the best ideas come to production.
Massage chairs have to bring health. Therefore, we developed all the functions, shapes of the rollers and their movement together with professional massage therapists and doctors. This is how we have formulated the high standards of massage that we always adhere to.

Safety. Comfort. Functionality. We took into account all the wishes of users to create the best massage chairs. And we did it! We've gone beyond simple manufacturing to shape comfort.

9 reasons to choose our massage chairs

Simple tablet control
We have given up using remotes in our massage chairs because it is more difficult and longer to operate the remote control. In addition, the remote control must be held in your hands or reached out to put it in a special pocket. Our tablets are fixed on the armrests, all settings are placed on one large screen.
Unique lymphatic drainage massage
It would be foolish to simply repeat what all other massage chairs have. Therefore, we have added unique massage cushions to our models for the head, eyes and thighs. With their help, we achieved complete relaxation and immersion in massage. The soft effect of the pillows soothes and restores energy.
Closed toe leg section
In our work we pay attention to all the details. Foot massage can effectively relieve fatigue accumulated during the day. So we made a closed-toe leg section so that the rollers and pads would massage everything, including the toes and underneath.
Tuina's unique massage
In addition to the five main types of massage, we have included the ancient Chinese massage technique Tuina in the programs. It differs from the rest by its gentle effect on the body. Tuina helps to warm up and effectively relax muscles, as well as rejuvenate and energize the body.
Wear-resistant eco-leather
We do not use genuine leather for the upholstery of our chairs, because it quickly wears out and loses its shape. For Orlauf models, we use eco-leather that is resistant to frequent use, deformation and temperature extremes. That is, ideal for a massage chair that can be used by several people every day.
Modern design and shapes
We entrusted the concept and design directions of our massage chairs in 2021 to one of the brightest graduates of the Toukyou Dezaina Gakuin school of the last decade - Shichiro Minami. And hardly anyone will have the idea that he coped poorly.
Intelligent massage technology
In carriage chairs, the body is scanned by an intelligent system before the massage. It defines body contours, shoulder width and individual anatomical curves. Based on this data, the system sets the distance between the massage rollers and the strength of their impact.
Unique 145 cm carriage
In our chairs, we have implemented the best engineering solution - a very long massage carriage, which provides massage from the neck to the thighs. Such a carriage is a unique offer in the basic and mid-price category. When we say that we have made massage available to everyone, we mean exactly that.
Modern massage technologies
Our carriage chairs offer 3D and 4D massage. These are advanced technologies that allow you to achieve the best effect. The massage rollers move in much the same way as the hands of a professional massage therapist, so they perfectly knead even deep or highly tense muscles.

We keep in touch with customers to understand their desires and how they are changing. Perhaps we have learned to anticipate your dreams.

Men or women?

Massage chairs of the entry price segment are more often chosen by older couples. hairs of the middle and upper segment are equally often chosen by both men and women. High cost chairs are preferred by men. They value the comfort and functionality of the models, as well as the high quality of the massage.

What are the age groups of Orlauf users?

Massage chairs are more often purchased by people from 38 to 55 years old. For older relatives, they are usually purchased as a gift. Buyers under 35 rarely buy chairs; they usually prefer mid-range models.
38-55 y.o.
57-65 y.o.
30-35 y.o.
25-30 y.o.

What is the purpose of buying our massage chairs

Orlauf massage chairs serve different purposes. We were even surprised when we found out how many problems they help to solve every day. Most often they are chosen when it is necessary to relieve tension and improve the condition of muscles and blood vessels. Other reasons include a way to relax, reboot, and improve your mood.
Relieve stress
Improve the condition of muscles
Cheer up
Reduce pain and tension

For an apartment or a spacious house?

Despite the fact that massage chairs are large enough, they are usually purchased in apartments. We always ask buyers to calculate the space required for the chair in advance. At the same time, be sure to take into account that in a horizontal state, that is, in a zero gravity mode, it moves forward and requires additional space.
Spacious house
Orlauf started production with treadmills and in the early years specialized in treadmills only.

During this time, the company has mastered the principles of quality production and learned how to reduce costs without losing quality.

When the production processes were mastered and worked out, we thought about expanding. After studying the market, we came to the conclusion that the niche with inexpensive but functional massage chairs is empty.

In 2017 we started testing the first massage chairs in the Orlauf Wellness line. Based on the research, corrections and refinements were made to the drawings.
At the beginning of 2018 we released the first small line of armchairs, which sold out very quickly. This was the first success of the new direction.

Since November 2018 we have moved production to Guangzhou, PRC to cut costs and lower the cost of seats. We have transferred not only the equipment, but also the high quality standards we have adopted in Leipzig.

In January 2021 we proceed work on a new line. We were faced with several tasks - to further reduce the price, while justifying every dollar invested in the chair.

In May 2021 we completed the task we set ourselves. The result of our work is a new reimagined line of Orlauf Wellness massage chairs.
42 suppliers
provide our production. In order to use advanced technology and place exclusive orders, we are always looking for the best partners. Therefore, you can be sure that your chair consists of technologically advanced and reliable units.
13 models
we have developed and tested so many trial models of chairs in order to derive the ideal formula. And now we have been able to accumulate experience and knowledge to invest in 6 of the best chairs from Orlauf Wellness.
12 steps
quality and reliability checks pass massage chairs before getting to you. Inspection starts with checking the supplied materials and ends with a robotic test drive of the assembled and ready-to-ship models.
Production in 2 shifts
in the spring of 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for massage chairs worldwide has quadrupled. To be on time with all orders, we needed to increase the pace of production. And we coped with this task, maintaining the pace of a 16-hour working day for six months!

Our message to Orlauf users

And a few more words for those who have chosen our brand
Thank you for trusting Orlauf Wellness and choosing our massage chairs! We have done everything to make comfort and relaxation quality affordable.

We have created a provocative line, strictly dividing the models by functionality. This is how armchairs appeared in which there is nothing superfluous. You dont overpay for options you dont intend to use, and you only get the essentials.

We offer the best prices. Clear segmentation of models, the elimination of excess and the transfer of production to China have helped to significantly reduce costs without compromising quality.

We are confident in the quality and provide extended guarantees. The minimum warranty period for our treadmills for the EU is 12 months.

The Orlauf team is always in touch! We are ready for dialogue: ask questions, share your impressions and suggestions. We need to know what you think and want.

With respect and love, we wish you only success!
Orlauf Wellness team (28 loving hearts).
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