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All about the service and guarantees Orlauf

We welcome your desire to learn more about the service and warranty service of the brand's massage equipment Orlauf on the territory of Russia. We will try to answer your questions using this page.

Also, using the form at the end of the page, you can leave your question or apply for an appeal to service center.

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The main thing about the warranty Orlauf
Warranty in RU-zone
Guarantee Orlauf on the territory European Union applies to all massage equipment purchased through authorized dealers or from the official website Orlauf.
Warranty period
Minimum warranty period for brand massage equipment Orlauf on the territory European Union is 2 years from the date of purchase or its receipt when online-the order.
Our responsibilities
During the warranty period, we undertake to eliminate the malfunctions included in the list warranty cases, or replace the massage equipment with a serviceable one if it is impossible to eliminate the breakdown.
We follow the rules
Buyers of massage equipment Orlauf they are provided with a warranty card and instructions the user, which describes in detail the terms of the warranty, the list of warranty cases and the rules operation.
Stay in touch
Even if something went wrong, stay calm. Contact our service center at by phone or using online-applications, and we will coordinate further steps to fix the problem.
Always protected

The guarantee is a means of protection against force majeure. By providing it, we remain confident that massage equipment Orlauf it will serve you well for many years.

Thank you for choosing our product!