Orlauf Rested

type: Body Massager
descr: Universal massager for relaxing the whole body
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Massager for the whole body

Orlauf Rested — compact massager with easy operation and four pairs of massage rollers. Upper and the lower pairs of rollers move in different modes for effective muscle relaxation.

Orlauf Rested — universal massager. It is suitable for upper and lower back massage, for massage abdomen, thighs and calves.

To enhance the massage effect, a warm-up function is provided.

The massager has a handle for which it is convenient to carry or hold it during the massage. And for management only one button is provided, that is, the Rested there is no remote control or bulky panel with buttons that it will get in the way.

Effective roller massage

In Orlauf Rested four pairs of rollers that work in different modes.

Two pairs in the upper part move along clockwise or counterclockwise. They automatically change the direction of rotation.

Two pairs at the bottom they move up and down in an arc.

Due to the different rhythms of the rollers, the massage turns out to be the most effective. The rollers gently affect the muscles and relieve the tension accumulated during the day or after training.

To enhance the effect of massage, you can turn on the warm-up.

Roller system Orlauf Rested
Simple management

Since the massager Orlauf Rested universal, but made to use it as much as possible simple and convenient. All control was reduced to one button.

With the help of it, roller massage is turned on and stopped, and warming up is also turned on. Direction of rotation the videos change automatically.

Individual massage
Massager no restrictions

Use Orlauf Rested in one of the following ways:

  • Massage of the upper back and shoulders or lower back. To do this, secure the massager with a special belt on the back of the chair.
  • Massage of the abdominal area.
  • Hip massage.
  • Calf massage.
Control unit Orlauf Rested
Technical specifications
Massage areas
the whole body
Number of auto programs
Type of massage
Number of massage rollers
8 (4 couples)
Warming up
Auto-off timer
15 minutes
24 Tue
12 B, 2 A
Connecting to the network
220 V, 50 Hz
Massager Dimensions
36 cm
35 cm
11 cm
Package Dimensions
37 cm
35 cm
11 cm
Net weight
1,8 kg
Gross weight
2,3 kg
24 month.
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