Orlauf Todi

color: BEIGE and BROWN
descr: Massage chair for complete relaxation
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Load up to 150 kg Number of programs: 5 Airbags number: 20 Distance from the wall: 25 cm Rollers number: 28 Warming up manual >>
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Video review of the massage chair Orlauf Todi
Large opportunities

Orlauf Todi a massage chair with great features and attractive price. The model is designed for users up to 150 kg practically no height restrictions.

For a thorough massage of the entire back, 8 groups of rollers are installed. 2 more groups of rollers are provided in the area hips. In the chair 20 air pillows that are located in the shoulders, arms, hips, calves and feet.

There are 5 automatic massage programs installed — comfort, sleep, relaxation, renewal and recovery.

In manual mode, you can adjust the intensity of air compression massage, select individual groups pillows, change the speed and direction of movement of the rollers, as well as enable or disable warm-up and roller foot massage.

For the full relaxation

There are 2 zero gravity modes in the chair Zero-G. This is the position in which the human body is most relaxed.

Thanks to this position of the body, massage is the most effective.

Zero gravity mode of the chair Orlauf Todi
Head massage and the eye
Head massage and the eye

The chair has a unique massage pillow for the head, the effect of which gently relaxes and relieves excessive tension and fatigue. The headrest with a pillow can be folded back when it is not required.

The massager for the eyelids and temples is also aimed at relaxing and removing excess tone. In this zone the technology of the ancient Chinese tuina massage is used, which affects the most gently.

Features of the massage chair Orlauf Todi
Section for feet

Almost all massage chairs have sections for the feet with an open toe. That is, they do not massage fingers and the area under them.

To ensure the best quality of massage, we have made a closed-type section that is massaged completely the whole foot.

For foot massage, we have developed unique rollers with acupuncture points.

Coupled with heating This allows you to effectively relieve the fatigue that has accumulated during the day.

Foot Massage unit Orlauf Todi
Simple management
Simple management

A Russified tablet is provided to control the chair. It is fixed on the armrest so that it is not I had to hold it in my hands. All the icons on the display are large and intuitive, so the setup takes minimum time.

Usually, in massage chairs of the initial price segment, a remote control is used for control. It 's harder for them to use — the icons are small, setting the modes takes longer and the remote itself has to be held in your hands or reached to put it in your pocket.

Massage chair tablet Orlauf Todi
massage hips
massage hips

Separate groups of rollers and airbags are installed for hip massage. Together they allow good work out this area, relieve tension and clamps.

Also, warming up is provided in the lumbar region, thanks to which the muscles relax more effectively, and the rollers can stretch them better.

Massage unit for the hips of the chair Orlauf Todi
Massage chair Orlauf Todi in detail
look from all sides

Hold down the cursor / touch on any area 3D-take a photo and move it to any side to view the product from all sides using the module Rundblick-360°.

Technical specifications
Maximum user weight
150 kg
90 watt
Impact zones
head, eye area, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, lower back, buttocks, feet, calves, thighs
Types of massage
roller, air compression
Number of programs
5 (comfort, sleep, relaxation, renewal, recovery)
Number of rollers in back massage
28 (10 groups')
Number of rollers in foot massage
Number of airbags
Music via Bluetooth
Distance from the wall
25 cm
Zero-G (Zero gravity mode)
Infrared warming up
Warm-up zones
lower back and calves
Auto-off timer
15/20/25/30 mines
Upholstery material
eco-leather, plastic
Folded dimensions
142 cm
73 cm
102 cm
Dimensions of the shipping package
115 x 76 x 106 cm
Dimensions in unfolded form
160 cm
73 cm
84 cm
Net weight
54 kg
Gross weight
65 kg
24 month.
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