Orlauf Body Tone

type: Massage cape
descr: Massage cape for relaxing the whole back. Suitable for car.
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Relaxation the whole back

Orlauf Body Tone — massage cape with convenient operation and high-quality massage of the entire back. Not in the cape unnecessary functions, emphasis is placed on effective roller massage without blind spots.

There is a vibration massage in the buttocks area. This feature is especially relevant for people with a sedentary lifestyle. Vibration massage helps to relax the muscles and avoid clamps in the pelvic area.

Individual massage
Individual massage

The cape has a modern roller massage system. Two pairs of massage rollers are mounted on a carriage that moves along the entire back.

From the control panel, you can choose both a massage of the entire back, and a specific zone or point. To strengthen massage effect, turn on the warm-up.

Roller system Orlauf Body Tone
For home and cars

Orlauf Body Tone It is suitable for any chair or armchair. The cape is securely fastened with an elastic belt, so during the massage time will not shift.

The massage cape is ideal for home and office use. With its help, you can not only arrange a relaxing take a break, but also relieve tension without looking up from work.

Cape Orlauf Body Tone It is also designed to work in a car. It has no unnecessary functions and simple operation, therefore, nothing will distract the driver.

After the massage, the cape can be compactly folded and secured with a belt. When folded, it will not take up much space.

Universal massager Orlauf Body Tone
Simple and convenient management
Simple and convenient management

A remote control is installed for control, on which all control buttons are placed. Using the remote control, you can customize your massage program:

  • Choose the area of roller massage: the whole back, just the neck and shoulders, or just the lower back.
  • Turn warm-up on or off.
  • Turn on the vibration massage and adjust its intensity in one of three modes.
  • A demo mode is provided, which helps to get acquainted with all the functions and modes of operation capes.

On the side of the Orlauf Body Tone there is a special pocket for the remote control. Therefore, you do not have to hold it in your hands or think where to put it.

Control unit Orlauf Body Tone
Massager Orlauf Body Tone in detail
Technical specifications
Massage areas
back, buttocks
Number of auto programs
Type of massage
roller, vibrating
Vibration massage zone
Roller massage zones
Adjusting the intensity of vibration massage
3 level
Number of massage rollers
2 couples
Adjusting the intensity of roller massage
Warming up
lower back
Suitable for use in the car
Auto-off timer
15 minutes
36 Tue
13 B, 3 A
Connecting to the network
220 V, 50 Hz
Massager Dimensions
45 cm
50 cm
64 cm
Package Dimensions
69 cm
46 cm
15 cm
Net weight
3,2 kg
Gross weight
4,3 kg
24 month.
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