Renewed Body

type: Massage cape
descr: Massage cape with the capabilities of a massage chair
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For the neck, back and hips Number of videos: 8 Intensity levels: 3 Number of pillows: 9 Vibromassage Warming up manual >>
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Video review of the massager Orlauf Renewed Body
Thoughtful massage cape

Orlauf Renewed Body — a well-thought-out massage cape for neck, back, buttocks and thighs massage.

In non-working condition, the cape is compactly folded and takes up a minimum of space.

The cape provides all types of massage — roller massage without blind spots, lymphatic drainage and vibration, as well as warming up for better muscle relaxation.

A convenient remote control is provided for control.

Lymphatic drainage for relaxation

Multi-chamber air compression pillows are installed for lymphatic drainage massage. At the pillows you can set one of the three modes of intensity of work.

A group of large pillows is installed on the sides of the cape. The second group of air compression pillows it is located in the hip area, and a separate cushion is provided in the seat.

Lymphatic drainage massage is complemented by vibration massage in the buttocks area.

These functions perfectly relieve tension and are suitable for those who sit at work a lot.

Lymphatic drainage pads Orlauf Renewed Body
Massage no blind spots
Massage no blind spots

In Orlauf Renewed Body there is a group of rollers for neck and shoulder massage. Elongated rollers carefully relax the tense zone.

From the control panel, the rollers can be raised higher or lowered, as well as set the direction of their rotation is clockwise or counterclockwise. Separate rollers are installed for back massage on the carriage.

This is a modern system that excludes the blind zones in the massage and makes it as effective as possible. The rollers move from the shoulders to the sacrum, kneading and relaxing the whole back.

From the remote control, you can adjust the distance between the rollers so that the massage fits users of different complexions. And also ask for a massage of the entire back, upper or lower part, or a specific dots.

Roller system Orlauf Renewed Body
Simple in circulation

The massage cape is attached to chairs and chairs with a reliable belt. After the massage, fold the cape secure with the same belt.

When folded, it takes up a minimum of space.

Storage of the massage cape Orlauf Renewed Body
Individual massage
Individual massage

A remote control is installed for control. With its help, you can flexibly adjust the massage for different purposes.

  • At the rollers in the neck and shoulders, adjust the position and direction of the massage.
  • Set the distance between the rollers in the back area.
  • Choose a massage of the entire back, a specific area or point.
  • Set up one of the three modes of air compression massage.
  • Set the vibration massage power or disable the function.
  • The function of warming up the rollers is turned on and off using a separate button.
Control unit Orlauf Renewed Body
Massager Orlauf Renewed Body in detail
Technical specifications
Massage areas
neck, back, hips, buttocks
Type of massage
roller, vibration, air compression
Adjusting the intensity of vibration massage
3 level
The number of massage rollers in the neck area
4 (2 couples)
The number of massage rollers in the back area
4 (2 couples)
Number of air compression pillows
Adjusting the intensity of air compression massage
3 level
Warming up
videos (neck and lower back)
Roller Massage Settings
height and direction of rotation adjustments (in the neck area);
adjustments in width, height, direction of rotation (in the back area)
Auto-off timer
15 minutes
60 Tue
12 B, 5 A
Connecting to the network
220 V, 50 Hz
Massager Dimensions
50 cm
48 cm
77 cm
Package Dimensions
81 cm
24 cm
50 cm
Net weight
7,9 kg
Gross weight
9,7 kg
24 month.
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