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color: BEIGE
descr: Model C 4D-technology for massage without restrictions
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Load up to 150 kg Carriage length: 130 cm Massage system: 4D Number of programs: 12 Airbags number: 28 Distance from the wall: 5 cm manual >>
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Perfect massage in perfect form

Orlauf Alfa — massage chair with perfect massage technology, flexible settings and with almost endless possibilities. Maximum user weight for the chair — 150 kg, restrictions on growth practically not.

Thanks to the extended to 130 cm on the carriage, the rollers massage the whole body from the neck to the middle hips. There are no blind spots in the massage.

Modern 4D-The technology of roller massage accurately simulates the movements of the masseur's hands. The rollers can change the speed of movement, intensity and type of massage, as well as adjust the distance between them.

The massage chair has a space-saving function. Thanks to this, it can only be placed in 5 cm from the wall.

Adapts for you

In Orlauf Alfa There is a zero gravity mode Zero-G, when the knees are just above the level of the heart. This position of the body is considered the most relaxed, which makes the massage deeper and more effective.

Additionally installed «Reading mode» — this is a position with a slight angle of inclination. In manual settings mode you can flexibly change the position of the chair and footrest.

Mode Zero-G Orlauf Alfa
Modern massage technology

Orlauf Alfa — armchair with modern 4D-massage technology. Thanks to This roller massage can be customized for users with any sensitivity and any needs.

The rollers accurately simulate the movements and pressure of the masseur's hands.

Management in a couple of touches

A touch-screen Russified tablet with a bright color screen is installed for control. Inside is intuitive understandable a menu with groups of settings and large icons.

An image of your body is displayed on the screen, along with all the selected functions and massage areas.

Additionally, there is a quick access panel on the armrest.

You can use it to stop a massage session, select a program, adjust the tilt of the chair and change the intensity of the roller massage.

Control Panel Orlauf Alfa
Auto programs and settings
Auto programs and settings

In Orlauf Alfa There are 12 automatic programs installed. Among them there are modes divided by gender, profession and lifestyle.

You can make changes to the auto programs to adjust the comfortable intensity and speed massage. The intelligent body scan program accurately determines the position of the neck and shoulders for individual a gentle massage.

In the manual settings mode, you can set your own program: choose one of 6 types of roller massage, customize its intensity and speed, choose a massage area.

And also turn on or off the airbags and adjust any angle of the chair and footrest.

The tablet of the massage paddle Orlauf Alfa
Multi-chamber pillows

We have increased the number of air compression pillows to 28 to ensure lymphatic drainage massage for the whole body.

And also due to this, it was possible to increase the number of compression levels to five.

Accent foot massage
Accent foot massage

The footrest Orlauf Alfa thought out to the smallest detail:

  • Airbags of different sizes are located in the area of the calves and feet.
  • A system of two massage drums of different sizes is installed for foot massage. They effectively massage the entire foot from the heel to the toes.
  • There is a warm-up in the calf area, which helps to relax the muscles.
  • At the footboard, in manual settings mode, you can change the angle of inclination, regardless of the position of the chair itself.
  • The footrest is electronically extended to 17 cm. This is a convenient feature for high-end users.: they will comfortably sit in an armchair and will be able to completely relax.
The footrest Orlauf Alfa
look from all sides

Hold down the cursor / touch on any area 3D-take a photo and move it to any side to view the product from all sides using the module Rundblick-360°.

Technical specifications
Maximum user weight
150 kg
200 Tue
Massage areas
neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, lower back, buttocks, calves, thighs, feet
Number of auto programs
Types of massage
roller, air compression
Massage technology
Carriage length
130 cm
Number of rollers in back massage
Adjustment of the rollers in the back
speed (5 modes),
intensity (5 modes),
power (5 modes),
choosing a massage point or area,
width adjustment (3 options)
Number of rollers in foot massage
a massage drum in the area under the fingers and a massage platform for the foot
Foot massage adjustments
1 mode
Manual modes
6 (kneading, spot, shiatsu, kneading, swedish, tapping)
Infrared warming up
Warm-up zones
lower back and calves
Number of airbags
Pillow adjustment
pillow group selection, intensity
Adjusting the length of the footrest
electronic, 17 cm
Additional functions
Zero-G (Zero gravity mode)
Music via Bluetooth
5 cm
Adjusting the intensity of pillows and rollers
Adjusting the speed of rotation of the rollers
Massage of the selected area
Upholstery material
eco-leather, plastic
Auto-off timer
5/10/15/20/25/30 mines
Folded dimensions
156 cm
73 cm
117 cm
Dimensions of the shipping package
133 x 81 x 122 cm
Dimensions in unfolded form
193 cm
73 cm
104 cm
Net weight
97 kg
Gross weight
118 kg
60 month.
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