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color: BEIGE
descr: Massage chair with 4D-technology massage and advanced software package
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Load up to 150 kg Carriage length: 130 cm Massage system: 4D Number of programs: 16 Airbags number: 28 Distance from the wall: 5 cm manual >>
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A chair that feels, what do you want

Home massage chair Orlauf Argus designed for massage with almost no restrictions. Modern 4D-technology allows you to customize the functions individually for users different height and sensitivity.

The long carriage provides a high-quality roller massage from the neck to the middle of the thigh, that is, almost everything bodies. And the intelligent scanning system accurately determines the contours of the body for an individual massage.

In the armrests of the chair there are pockets for the remote control and gadget or other small things. Bluetooth You can connect your smartphone to the speakers of the chair and listen to music.

Thanks to the space saving function Orlauf Argus it can be placed 5 cm from the wall. This saves a lot of money space.

Attention to the foot massage

A lot of attention is paid to foot massage in the chair.

An additional heating area is provided in the calf area, to effectively relieve fatigue and tension from the muscles.

Air compression massage of the calves and feet relieves fatigue accumulated during the day.

The complex roller mechanism consists of two parts, it carefully works out all the muscles.

To make tall users feel comfortable in the chair, its footrest is electronically extended to 17 cm.

The footrest Orlauf Argus
Modern 4D-technology

4D massage — the most modern development for home massage. Technology allows you to simulate the most accurately the movements of the masseur's hands. The rollers can be rotated at different angles, massaged with different forces and speed.

In the manual settings mode, you can select one of five speed and intensity modes, adjust the distance between the rollers and the type of massage. And you can also set the point or area of the massage.

Large package auto programs

In Orlauf Argus installed 16 programs massage: 12 auto programs and 4 mode by zones.

Among the auto programs there are gender, stretching and modes aimed at relaxation and invigoration.

The programs by zones allow you to pay attention to a specific area, such as the neck and shoulders or the hips and lower back.

Before the start of the session, the chair scans the contours of the body to individually adjust the massage. Also in You can make your own changes to the auto program.

Remote controller Orlauf Argus
Modern management and settings
Modern management and settings

A Russified remote control is installed for control. You can use it to set up a massage manually:

  • Choose from 6 manual roller massage modes
  • Choose the distance between the rollers, the speed and intensity of their work
  • Adjust the intensity of the airbags
  • Change the angle of the chair
  • Adjust the slope of the footrest
  • Turn on the warm-up in the back or calf area, or in both zones at once
Remote controller Orlauf Argus
Thoughtful relaxation

In Orlauf Argus multi-chamber air compression cushions are installed. They are soft they relax the whole body and relieve fatigue. There are 5 levels of intensity of lymphatic drainage massage.

In the area of the calves and feet, airbags are positioned so that they encircle the muscles from all sides. Due to this compression is most effective.

look from all sides

Hold down the cursor / touch on any area 3D-take a photo and move it to any side to view the product from all sides using the module Rundblick-360°.

Technical specifications
Maximum user weight
150 kg
200 Tue
Massage areas
neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, lower back, buttocks, calves, thighs, feet
Number of auto programs
Types of massage
roller, air compression
Massage technology
Carriage length
Number of rollers in back massage
Adjustment of the rollers in the back
speed (5 modes),
intensity (5 modes),
power (5 modes),
choosing a massage point or area,
width adjustment (3 options)
Number of rollers in foot massage
a separate massage drum in the area under the fingers and a massage platform for the foot
Foot massage adjustments
1 mode
Manual modes
6 (kneading, spot, shiatsu, kneading, swedish, tapping)
Infrared warming up
Warm-up zones
lower back, calves
Number of airbags
Pillow adjustment
pillow group selection, intensity
Adjusting the length of the footrest
electronic, 17 cm
Additional functions
Zero-G (Zero gravity mode)
Music via Bluetooth
5 cm
Adjusting the intensity of pillows and rollers
Adjusting the speed of rotation of the rollers
Massage of the selected area
Upholstery material
eco-leather, plastic
Auto-off timer
5/10/15/20/25/30 mines
Folded dimensions
158 cm
78 cm
120 cm
Dimensions of the shipping package
134 x 81 x 122 cm
Dimensions in unfolded form
198 cm
78 cm
103 cm
Net weight
91 kg
Gross weight
112 kg
60 month.
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